Earning lindens in Second Life

I just found out that First Opinions Panel is giving 100L$ when you take the survey found on the last page of their . If you don’t have an acrobat reader and too lazy to read First Opinions Panel’s terms & conditions, .

Yesterday I posted about either linden dollars or US dollars and I want to explain them more. So you guys and gals get to know why everything in Second Life is not free and why I don’t like getting a job that pays 100L$ per hour. (real-life hour)

Simple! Filling up forms and offerings that will list for you is even bigger and better compared to having an SL job. Why would I stay long on a boring hourly job if I can make more linden dollars for half of the time you stay on your job?! Earning as much as (which is around 4$ I think) has never been easy if it’s not for Earn2Life.

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