Make money online, make US dollars and make Linden dollars with Second Life.

Every individual who plays has a problem in his/her very beginning of the game. That is, how to make linden dollars (currency of )? Before I answer that question on how you can make Linden dollars, I want you to know that every Linden dollar has an equivalent value in US $ dollars which you can convert in Second Life’s account page. Yes! You heard/read my line right. You can get real money and make money when you earn linden dollars in SL.

I myself don’t like spending more than an hour working to earn linden for a maximum of 100L$ per hour. I don’t like working at all! It’s boring! So instead of finding a job, I found research groups that give you offers and surveys to pay you linden dollars. AND I DON’T LIKE HIPPIEPAY as well since most of their offers are not INTERNATIONAL.

So how can you earn linden dollars like me (or make money in SL) without even working for more than 4 hours just to get 100L$ per hour?

Earn2Life offer surveys and just forms to fill-up that you can do for just 2 minutes each and gives you from 17L$ to 90L$ EACH! The image on the side shows the total amount of linden dollars I have earned for just filling up forms from Earn2Life which is about 1300L$ +


First Opinions PanelIs a non-profit organization thet gives 500L$ to 1000L$ per survey or research that you’ll answer. I’ve been earning more than 1000L$ every month just for filling 2 to 4 surveys they release every month. Personally, First Opinions Panel is the very reason why Chino Yalin (my character in-world) looks very realistic, handsome and have different sets of clothes and hair for different occassions. I suggest downloading and reading the guide and their terms of service here and use the sign-up link found at the bottom of the pdf.

World Stock ExchangeThis is my main source of Linden dollars and my main source of REAL dollars (US $). WSE is a securities exchange with a fully integrated banking system based in the virtual world of Second Life. The WSE enables companies to raise capital while providing opportunities for investors to build their wealth and providing buyers and sellers with the ability to transact with confidence. From my initial investment of 500L$ (which I got from filling up surveys and offerings), I now have over 10,000L$ which is equivalent to over 40$ (US dollars) which I can get from Second Life’s website personally. That is if I choose to convert my 10,000L$ to US$ dollars. The image shows the portfolio page of WSE.


Why just sit and play when you can earn money as well? Why reach for the moon if you can reach the stars? Anyway, here’s my flickr page where you can see how Chino Yalin looks like in Second Life.


4 thoughts on “Make money online, make US dollars and make Linden dollars with Second Life.

  1. hi,i dont know if i can be able to partake in this,cos am presently residing in africa.i want to know if there is oppurtunity for me to make money here.thanks

  2. Thanks! Just the information I was looking for. Second Life is so much fun, I’d love to finance my own business entirely with earnings from inworld! Woo hoo! Friendly Greetings!

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