Free linden Second Life.

There are people who say that nothing in Second Life is free. WRONG! There are free stuff in SL and not all of them takes so much time to get them unlike camping chairs.

Do you know that I am now earning 500L$ (lindens) a day for free? (no work, no camping, no dancing and no escort service)

I thought that it is impossible too when I started to play SL back in April 2007. Fortunately, I was wrong. It is possible to earn 500L$ everyday without even working. What’s my secret? NONE. What did I do? I invited people to join First Opinions Panel for them to earn free linden dollars as well. I don’t even know this people who they are. Andy Evans (head of FOP) sends me messages almost everyday that there are about 5 or even more people who joined FOP through me. Sometimes I even get more than 5 people signing up. (Mr. Evans sends me another 100L$ and tells me that another person joined FOP)

What I do know is, helping people get free lindens makes me get free lindens as well.

I have listed networks where you can get free lindens.

Most of all, I also want to teach people how they can

Don’t be late! Don’t just sit infront of your computer and never earn free lindens. Here’s how you can in Second Life just like I do.

Of course, if you want to directly join FOP, do not forget to read the terms & conditions OR .

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