1st week earnings report for Earn Lindens in Second Life.

I’ve started Earn Lindens in Second Life blog almost a week from now (June 22, 2007) and of course, I have to do an earnings report for those who visit this site so you can understand that YOU CAN EARN LINDENS FOR FREE TOO!

If I can earn them, why wouldn’t you? There’s no difference between us, we both want lindens, we both want to earn lindens and most of all, we’re lazy people who doesn’t want to camp, do a boring SL job or provide an escort service. LOL

week1 reportWhat you see on the picture is all that I have earned for this week just for inviting people to join , filling up offers from  (without yet) and daily yield from Ginko Financial. I deposited it to so I can get more lindens daily from the daily yield.

So after 6 days, I earned 10, 684.94L$ (Linden dollars) and THAT’S FOR FREE!

Now, I know some of you wants a breakdown so here it goes:

First Opinions Panel: 4,300.00L$

Earn2Life: 5,200.00L$

1,100.00L$  (I now have 12,613.00L$ shares value in WSE and that’s from a lousy 500L$ I started to invest there a month ago.)

and the 84L$ is I think some from the yield of Ginko Financial and some.. maybe from the changes in my Avatar’s mony in himself.

All in all, that’s 40.00$ (US dollars) IN JUST ONE WEEK! In all honesty, I earned more real money in Second Life than my blog has earned for 2 months! So don’t get envy of me when you can earn the same thing just for reading this blog and applying what I posted in Earn Lindens For Free in Second Life!

Note: I think I’ve earned more than 10,600L$ for the week since I remember spending 500L$ for my AD placements in Ginko Financial and AD placements in Second Life. I just cant remember the exact breakdown but I think what I’ve listed above is the closest.


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