Make lindens in Second Life. Linden dollars for free week 2!

It’s now the Second week since I started this goal of earning free linden dollars in Second Life.

So for the earnings report.

This week, Cynara and I bought a lot of clothes since I’m earning a regular 600L$ to 1200L$ per day. One of the most expensives are the clothes from “Casa Del Shai”. I bought 3 sets of clothes and Cynara bought one very expensive Filipiniana costume there. (Of course, I pay for Cynara’s expenses she’s my girlfriend and I’m the one earning free lindens like there’s no tomorrow.)

The clothes from Casa Del Shai is worth 2,600L$ linden dollars all in all. These are “The Adulterer”, “Poco”, “Mandarin Collar Barong” and the “Mestiza” for Cynara.

However, that’s not the only stuff we bought this week. If I have good clothes, I still need good quality shoes! So we bought shoes from “Shiny Things”. One black leather shoes, two casual shoes for men and one very good looking heels for my darling. So all in all, the shoes cost us 1,200L$ lindens.

But do not think I just earned 3,800L$ linden dollars for free for I still bought a lovescene ball from Bits and Bob worth 450L$, an armor from DE Designs worth 500L$, a set of boots to match the armor worth 250L$ and paid the weekly rental for our house worth 250L$ a week.

Now that’s a total of 5,250L$ LINDEN DOLLARS! and all of them I got for free!


On July 14, Cynara and I will have to attend a masquerade ball. In order for us to look appropriate, beautiful and handsome aristocrats for the ball, we have to get ourselves some nice hair, gown, boots, shoes, fan, cane and most of all, MASKS.

Cynara bought for her Masquerade costume:

Josephine gown from Last Call – 450L$

Silver hair to match the gown – 175L$

Fan from prim & proper – 50L$

Mask from illusions – (I wont add the price for the mask to the total earnings since she got it from working for an hour in SL – 100L$)

For my Masquerade costume:

Dauphin hair from Illusions – 125L$

Phantom of Opera Mask – 125L$

Casanova Mask & cape – 250L$

Cavalier boots – 250L$

Cane – 100L$

Therefore, our masquerade costumes are worth 1,525L$. That’s a total of 6,775L$ now. However, we bought new hair as well just for an extra. So that’s another 500L$ (male hair from naughty designs 300L$ and female hair 200L$ from ETD designs)

A whopping 7,275L$ expenditure for 1 week! LOL We’ve become shoppaholics because of earning free lindens! Although, I almost forgot to say… Last week, my ginkofinancial money is only 10,600L$ but now, it’s 13,518L$! So I still save 2900L$ linden dollars that I got for free!

That’s a total of 10,175L$ earning for the second week and for the whole 2 weeks since I started this Earn Free Lindens goal.. I’ve earned a total of 20,775L$ for just 2 weeks and all of them for FREE! (that is if we have not spent them to clothes and other stuff)

For the list of where you can earn and make free linden dollars in Second Life,

Oh! I almost totally forgot! Cynara also bought a new casual wear for her. “Achlys” from Last call which is worth 250L$. So all in all, 21,025L$!!!!!!

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