Get up to 1000L$ Linden Dollars – in a very unethical way.

First things first; this post has been written only for the purpose of reporting that there are ways to earn free lindens in ways not advisable like repeating a survey by creating many accounts. If you think this is wrong, then don’t do it. If you’re going to do it, you get as much as 1,000L$ per survey and per account you create.

Register for a new Second Life account here:
Free Avatar

Now that it’s clear, let me proceed with what I’ve found.

1. Welcome Islands – Do you know that there are some welcoming sims that gives free clothings and even free lindens from 10L$ to as much as 1,000L$? Of course, you figure out on how to earn those if you already have an avatar.

Note: duplicate accounts are prohibited in Second Life.

2. One time survey and offers – Due to the purpose of research, I asked one institution if I can try out their survey for free (they don’t have to pay me). That institution gives out 1,000L$ for free after completing the survey. However, once you do it, you can’t do it again. There are lots of one-time surveys.

I advise that you go find them rather than risking your account for a ban due to dual residency.

As you can see, you can earn much more than the limited offers on creating more accounts. But for me, I’ll stick on earning my lindens the right way and without risking my account.

For now, let me answer your question on how to make money in Second Life (ethically).

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